Dani Wins A Parents' Choice Award!

"Imagine Kath Bush or Tori Amos doing a children's music album. It is clear that Dani has her finger on the pulse of the current fantasy trend in literature and film." - Parents' Choice Foundation

Dani Wins a 2013 NAPPA award for her album Beauty Land

"On this concept album, Dani does a very fine job creating a vivid fairy tale-like musical that has a good story and catchy songs" - NAPPA Awards

Video Premiere: DANI - "Beauty Land"

"It's a little Disney, a little pop-rock, and a lot of fun." - The Rock Father

Beauty Land CD Review

"Enchanting, fun, and appealing" - School Library Journal

CD Review: Dani's Beauty Land

"Beauty Land is like a breath of fresh air in this genre, with funny, dramatic, and lively lyrics" - Weelife

More Press

“Your little princess will love Beauty Land by Dani. Dreamy pop-rock music perfect for a fancily round of dress-up,” - Parents Magazine

“It’s different, it’s unique, and family friendly” - A Day In Our Shoes

“Electrifying music. A fantastic, song-and-storytelling experience that will appeal to adults as well as little ones. Highly recommended!” - Midwest Book Review

“It makes it into our music rotation almost as much as our Frozen soundtrack does. A good fit for me and my daughters (ages 12 and 3)” - Brooke Blogs

“Dani shows off her Sarah McLachlan-esque voice that will wow you” - Dad n Charge

“Beauty Land is a wonderful and magical musical adventure! Dani has created a modern musical story that will inspire children” - Mama Likes This

“An exquisite fantasy. This gorgeous video embellishes Dani's captivating, interactive concept album, Beauty Land, rooted in the same magical soil as Disney's Frozen,” - Broadway World

“Beauty Land is whimsical, captivating and magical all rolled into one. It was delightful for me, as an adult, to listen to, and experience, Dani. I highly recommend this CD and give it a huge thumbs up!” - A Mom After God’s Own Heart

“Beauty Land is a recording to which a diverse population of kids — from tough to dainty — can relate” - She Saved

“Every chance he got he was playing the CD. I was so glad that he finally liked a CD and found an interest in music now” - Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

"I love the dreamy and ethereal melodies in “Run and Fly” - Kid Independent

“Dani is easy to listen to, and does a great job of storytelling through each of the 14 songs. We love the harmonies on "Magic Wish" and the jazzy feel of "Mrs. Blue”.” - Mommy Gearest

“Great inspirational CD for children of all ages” - My Springfield Mommy